21 Day Fix Weekend Tips

So you’ve recently started the 21 Day Fix, and you’re rocking it! But…OH NO! The weekend is upon us! You think of all the parties, and get togethers, or date nights you may encounter. So how do you make it through without totally sabotaging you’re progress so far??

Here are my pre-planning tips to get you through the weekend!


If you are going out to a restaurant check out the menu ahead of time. Decide on what you are going eat before you even get there.  That way when you sit down at the restaurant you won’t have to fight against temptation and you won’t even have to open the menu!  And by the way, just SKIP the bread, it has no nutritional value!

Also, keep in mind restaurant portions are NOT REAL PORTIONS. I like to ask for a box right away, and stick half of my meal in the box from the get go, so there’s no over eating!


For parties, pre-eat!  So have a shake on your way to the party.  Offer to bring a clean appetizer or snack.  Then make every social gathering about socializing with others and not about the food.  Stay away from the food table.  I help set up, get the kids food, and then help clean up so I am never forced to have to just sit and stare at everyone else shoving food down their throats.


Drink lots of water!!!  Just remember that you are not depriving yourself of life, you are giving yourself life!  When everyone is feeling full, sluggish and miserable you are going to be looking fabulous, feeling confident and have more energy!!

And of course, stick with those workouts! Most programs give you 1 rest day a week, not two or three! I even like to double up on workouts sometimes for the weekend, or add in a run!

So stick with the program, and have fun! This program is helping define a NEW YOU! So don’t let the weekend destroy that!

Have a great weekend, ya’ll!

-Plan it out!  If you are traveling, going to sporting events or just out all day pack a cooler of clean snacks.  Even throw in an extra snack so that you are not caught in a situation where you are out longer than expected and have nothing to eat.  It’s easy to throw in a packet of shakeology, shaker cup and a bottle of water!  I always keep one in the car!

Now, get your workout in and kick some butt!!!


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