21 Day Fix Breakfast Ideas

I NEED variety. I cannot eat the same thing all the time. But with the 21 Day Fix it’s super easy to switch things up. I also LOVE breakfast. So to keep breakfast interesting, I’ve tried these recipes, and all are amazing! Check them out…

1. Whole wheat toast w/ peanut butter. (You could also use sun butter, or almond butter-both equally amazing)

I also like to add some fruit like bananas or strawberries, or both!


2. Steel cut oats w/ fruit


3. Eggs (or egg whites) and turkey bacon

You could add some extra veggies to your eggs as well. I like to add some peppers!


4. Whole wheat waffle w/ fruit


And of course, Shake-o! Probably the best thing you could ave for breakfast.

It’s easy to add different things to your shake-o or just drink it with water! I prefer unsweetened vanilla almond milk.



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